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The East top Chromatic Harmonica in the Key of C is a trusty chromatic harmonica that provides a rich and responsive tone. Chromatic harmonicas are traditionally tuned to solo tuning, which has a similar layout to the diatonic's Richter tuning except that it eliminates the G on the draw and doubles the Cs that are not on the ends of the instrument.

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A 12 hole chromatic is tuned an. 83. Diatonic and chromatic scales.


A chromatic harmonica covers the musical alphabet starting with a C note. www. .

A 12 hole chromatic is tuned an octave lower than a. May 15, 2016 · This item: Hohner Harmonica (255-C) 4.


See our song tabs for chromatic harmonica.

C Chromatic harmonica lesson. .

In which the blow note C is found repeated, as the end of one octave, then the beginning of the next. Bates also wrote, “This double-sided chromatic harmonica in C and G was a short-lived.

10 Holes 40 Tones Professional Chromatic Harmonica Key of C, Music instruments for adults, Harmonicas for adults,Professional Player, Students and beginner (Silver) 21.
• 10 Holes and 40 reeds.
• Color: Chrome.

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• Each single hole contains four notes.

May 8, 2021 · For songs in C or Am, you can stay on the C harmonica. . .

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Hohner CX 12 C- Major.

Method for Chromatic Harmonica. 64 Notes.


May 15, 2016 · This item: Hohner Harmonica (255-C) 4.



• a 12- or 16-hole chromatic harmonica in the key of C.